YOUth LEADing the world Nov 27th, 28th & 29th 2012

3 day Youth Leadership Congress where Youth explore local and global issues of sustainability, measure and understand their own eco-footprint and work on action plans to make change in their lives, schools and communities.

Congresses are held simultaneously, digitally linked across multiple australian and global location. YLTW is now in its 4th year set to run in 50 locations.

Wodonga is lucky enough to be a part of this fantastic opportunity for Youth to focus on global sustainability.  See the flyer  here for details on how to register for this fantastic opportunity being held at The Cube, Wodonga.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day:  
Today, like any other day is a great day to acknowledge and celebrate the world’s environment. But today, 5th of June also happens to be the 40th United Nations World Environment Day. A day created to highlight the importance of a healthy environment for healthy people.

The theme for the day is ‘The Green Economy.” The much used term describes the United Nations Environment Programs’ ambition to foster a ‘new’ global economy which is “low carbon, is resource efficient and is globally equitable.” For more information, please visit:

For those who were unaware, 2012 is the United Nations Year of Sustainable Energy, which extends the idea that to achieve a green economy; humans must fundamentally examine how we power our world – including access for all those who are currently denied the remarkable gift of electricity.

So, all of this seeks to remind each of us, each day and at each moment, of our absolute dependence on the services of a healthy environment.

Youth Leading the World – Wodonga


Youth Leading the World

What is YLTW all about?

YLTW is a 3 day youth environmental leadership congress conducted simultaneously in multiple locations, connected by digital media. Check out our YouTube clip for more info.
Innovative workshop techniques combined with social networking and web 2.0 technologies focus attention on 3 ways to make a difference:
INFORM: learning to live within the limits of one planet;
INNOVATE: inspiring, innovating and creating social change;
INVOLVE: connecting change makers locally and globally.
DAY 1: Global Challenge: Eco footprint; Pulse of the Planet (update on global sustainability challenges including climate change, biodiversity, food, water, energy, economic, wellbeing); coming to terms with the depth of these challenges; visioning our sustainable community;
DAY 2: Be the Change: Creating change brainstorm: one planet living plan; social innovation for sustainability; sharing ideas in locations around Australia, inspiring local change stories; action planning to achieve vision;
DAY 3: Begin it Now: Youth-led Community Forum for government and local businesses, parents, teachers, principals and the public- designed and run by youth.

 To register please click here or phone Anthony Nicholson 02 6022 9703  email