YOUth LEADing the world Nov 27th, 28th & 29th 2012

3 day Youth Leadership Congress where Youth explore local and global issues of sustainability, measure and understand their own eco-footprint and work on action plans to make change in their lives, schools and communities.

Congresses are held simultaneously, digitally linked across multiple australian and global location. YLTW is now in its 4th year set to run in 50 locations.

Wodonga is lucky enough to be a part of this fantastic opportunity for Youth to focus on global sustainability.  See the flyer  here for details on how to register for this fantastic opportunity being held at The Cube, Wodonga.

Environmental Film Festival – Yackandandah

In 2006 An Inconvenient Truth brought to broad audiences pictures of the potential threats posed by climate change.  Al Gore provided a far reaching examination of likely impacts of a less stable global climate patterns.  It was a disturbing story but also proved one of the most successful campaigns at raising awareness of the problems with not acting immediately to address the human caused carbon emissions.  Moreover it offered hope that with commitment climate change could be limited.

 Sadly,  current research is suggesting this heightened awareness has given way to a drop in concern for climate change, perhaps replaced by global financial uncertainty in finances.  Obviously the global financial crisis has had a role in this refocus.

 The makers of An Inconvenient Truth have produced another film;  Last Call for the Oasis.  This film examines the global challenges we are facing with water – itself the precursor to life.  We of course are well familiar with water and it centrality to life given recent experiences with drought through the 2000’s, floods this year in the North East and the struggle to find an equitable management strategy for the Murray Darling.

 Along with 7 other selected movies Last Call at the Oasis is being shown at the Environmental Film Festival (…Melbourne) scheduled to take place in Yackandandah on the 5th and 6th of October – very soon.  Click   2012 Flyer  for details on where to get tickets.

 The festival provides a broad range of movies ranging from satire and a docu-drama through to case studies of emerging coal seam gas operations and even a solar car adventure.  Festival organizer recognise the potential of movies to both remind us of some of the challenges being with the biosphere but also some of the innovation that is occurring to respond to threats in creative and empowering ways.

 More details are available on the attached flyer.  Well worth a trip to Yackandandah, which itself a great little town largely recovered from its own environmental devastation – gold mining during the late 1800’s!

 Details also available on October calendar page on Ecoportal at;

National Food Plan

In 1825 Jean Anthèlme Brillat-Savarin wrote in his magnum opus, The Physiology of Taste, that “the destiny of nations depends on the manner in which they are fed.”

Assuming that to be so, you may well be interested in examining two documents that have the potential to alter the direction our ‘food focus’ takes in the foreseeable future.

 The National Food Plan (NFP) describes the framework Government strategy to meet the burgeoning demand for food production.  The NFP suggests that globally, the demand for food will have increased 77% by 2050 over today’s food production levels.  This document then goes on to explore the anticipated role Australia should have in exporting food (sometimes said to be the equivalent of exporting water concentrate).

If you are interested and can put aside the time, then visit the National Food Plan at the link provided below.

In the interest of an alternate approach and debate, Gene Ethics have developed their ‘People’s Food Plan (PFP) – a democratic counterpoint to the NFP.’  This document can be read here

Sustainable House Day – This Sunday 9th September, 2012

Photo courtesy of Sustainable House Day

              Albury Sunday 9th of September, 2012

We’re opening two Albury homes for this year’s Sustainable House Day. This is your personal invitation to see what these homeowners have done and how their ideas can apply to you!

If you’re thinking about improving your home’s energy, water or waste management efficiency, or saving some money on those, speaking to homeowners about their own experiences is a must. Even if you’d just like to see what others have done, we bet you’ll be inspired.

The homes will be open between 10am and 4pm, and entry is FREE!

No need to rsvp or book, just come along.  Addresses will be published at:

National Ride2Work Day – October 17th, 2012

Bike Riding – the most efficient form of transport ever invented!            

Are you always planning to ride to work and yet can’t quite align everything!  Well maybe Ride2Work is just what you need…

On Wednesday 17 October 2012, thousands of folks across Australia will dust off their bikes and join the cycling craze! 

Ride-2-Work strives to support each of us to experiment with the wonderful benefits of riding;

  • Stress reduction;
  • Physical exercise;
  • Strong quads and calves;
  • Saving money; and
  • Reducing carbon emissions.

To confirm your action, please register your ride at the link below – and better still, why not be the coordinator at your workplace!  Register as a coordinator at the address below.

Register at:

The most efficient form of transport ever invented?  Visit:

2 Short Courses start next week

 Save water, save money!     –     Assess household water use CPPHSA4003A

Learn the skills you need to assess your household water use and develop ways to improve your water efficiency and save money. 

Dates:  2 sessions Tuesday 28th Aug & 4th Sep |  Time:  6pm to 9pm|  Cost:  $150 FFS

Smarter Homes – Top 10 Home hints for saving money NA12SHOME

Do you need to find ways to save money on your bills at home?  This custom designed course offers you the skills to interpret energy bills, improve the comfort of your homes and to reduce energy bills.  We will be sharing our ‘Top 10 Hints’ for saving money.  Come along and get personal advice from a household sustainability  expert.

 Dates: 1 session Thursday 30th Aug    | Time:  6pm – 9pm|   Cost: $50 FFS

Other session dates: 27th Sep, 1st Nov & 29th Nov

Call the Centre for Sustainable Skills on  02 6055 6669 to book your place now!   See the tab at the top of this page to see the other great courses we have on offer in the upcoming weeks

Wodonga environmental heroes in the running for National Landcare Award

Public encouraged to vote for Friends of Willow Park in People’s Choice Award

Local environmental heroes, Friends of Willow Park, are one of 88 finalists in the 2012 National Landcare Awards, which are taking place in Sydney on September 4th.

Friends of Willow Park was the winner of the Toshiba Community Group Award in the 2011 Victorian Landcare Awards and as a result, joins seven other finalists in that category from across the country, all vying for top honours at the biennial celebration in Sydney.

Wodonga locals can join in the celebrations by going online and voting for their local hero in the 2012 People’s Choice Award.  Voting is open until 6pm (EST) on Tuesday, September 4th, and the winner will be announced at the 2012 National Landcare Awards gala dinner that night.

Friends of Willow Park Inc (FOWP) has been a strong advocate for community inclusive planning since its inception in 2006. It successfully initiated a partnership with the City of Wodonga to develop and implement a community-led Master Plan which will guide the future of Willow Park over the next 25 years. FOWP engages with a diverse range of partners and members of the community, including the City of Wodonga, schools and local residents. Through activities such as monthly gardening, water quality monitoring, guest speaker evenings and a newsletter, FOWP has protected and conserved the park and shared knowledge and skills.

“We are thrilled to be a finalist in the 2012 National Landcare Awards. We are very proud of our efforts to grow and nurture local stewardship for our park and its corridors, as this is the key ingredient to preserving and improving our local environment,” said Julie Hind.

CEO of Landcare Australia, Heather Campbell, believes the National Landcare Awards to be an excellent way of showcasing the breadth and diversity of the amazing work being undertaken by Landcarers across the country, from sustainable agriculture to coastal restoration projects and everything in between.

“The National Landcare Awards are about celebrating all aspects of grass-roots environmentalism, irrespective of geography, age or gender,” she said.

“Wodonga can be proud to be represented by Friends of Willow Park at this level, and I hope that locals will show their support by voting in the People’s Choice Award.”

To find out more about the finalists, get involved, and have your say by voting in the 2012 National Landcare Awards People’s Choice Category, please visit